International Day for Tolerance and the Velvet Revolution

November 16 has been proclaimed by the United Nations and UNESCO as International Day for Tolerance to promote mutual understanding between cultures and nations, promote non-violence around the world. The next day, November 17, we celebrate here as the Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day and International Students' Day. We recall the events of the Velvet Revolution, which led to the collapse of the Communist regime in the former Czechoslovakia (see 30th Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution).

On the occasion of these days, we chose from our archive the website of the international humanist organization World without Wars and Violence, which was established in 1995 in Spain and has spread to more than 30 countries. As a second source, we chose the World March for the Peace and the Non Violence website joined by thousands of organizations, institutions, personalities and politicians from nearly a hundred countries.

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Svět bez válek a násilí : mezinárodní humanistická organizace - Česká republika

Stránky sdružení, které volně navázalo na činnost Hnutí nenásilí. Stránky obsahují informace o sdružení, kampaních, zprávy, názory a komentáře.

Publisher: Svět bez válek a násilí

Světový pochod za mír a nenásilí

Informace o Světovém pochodu za mír a nenásilí. Aktuality z oblasti pacifistických myšlenkových proudů

Publisher: Centrum Narovinu

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