Velcro Day

Geum urbanum. Swiss Georges de Mestral met with this plant in 1941. He decided to imitate its mechanism. For next several years he was looking for the best way to make copy. Then he had found Velcro fastener. It has a lot of uses. From ordinary sneakers or backpacks, to use in interior of spaceships. And on 2 July he celebrates even his day. In this context we bring you two resources. The first is the Association of Textile-Apparel-Leather Industry (ATOK). The association was founded in 1990 with the aim of increasing the prestige of the industry and creating friendly conditions for responsible behavior on the market. We already have the first archive version of the website since 2002.

The second source is the Union of Flax and Hemp of the Czech Republic. In addition to information about this company you can find on the archive copies what the TRANSLINUM project is dedicated to and you can also read the Lnář magazine, which was published from 2003 to 2007.

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Asociace textilního-oděvního-kožedělného průmyslu : ATOK

Stránky obsahují historii svazu, informace pro členy i veřejnost, katalog technických textilií TechTex a oborový adresář.

Publisher: ATOK

Lnářský svaz ČR

Informace o svazu, který sdružuje pěstitele lnu v České republice. Součástí stránek časopis Lnář

Publisher: Lnářský svaz ČR

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