10 Websites for Eternity: A Series

Our series 10 Websites for Eternity consists of a selection of websites which we could not exist without and which we would miss if they were to be discontinued without being preserved in a webarchive.

We approach personalities from various fields and ask them to share their personal top ten treasures of the Czech web, forgotten websites from their bookmarks, or acclaimed veterans of the internet. We then archive them as part of our topical collection.

Selection of contracted websites,
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IM6 : časopis Fakulty informatiky MU

Palo Fabuš, a theoretic and academic assistant at the Center of Audiovisual Studies at FAMU in Prague, recommended the website of the magazine IM6 because the existence of this cultural magazine amongst the nerds at the Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University might one day pleasantly surprise someone.

Publisher: Masarykova univerzita. Fakulta informatiky


Ondřej Buddeus, a poet and translator, recommended the website iliteratura.cz for archivation because it is an important gateway to a wide network of references. The website contains information about literature from around the world.

Publisher: Občanské sdružení pro iliteraturu

Webarchiv contains to 07/25/2021 409 TB data. The first website was harvested in 3. 9. 2001.

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