Currently, everything revolves around coronavirus. Positive deeds are happening around us and people help each other. Such as on the portals or We currently work on a web resources collection that looks at the situation around coronavirus from different perspectives.

We would like to introduce you two sources from our archive, which are partly devoted to the topic. The first source is the medical portal U lékaře, which offers advice and recommendations on their health problems or uncertainties. Currently, doctors also answer questions about coronavir. The second portal is focused on the way of healing, knowing that person is a complex being and everything is related to everything (body and psyche). One of their motives is: prevention is better than cure. In addition to the counseling center you can find many articles, currently several on coronavirus and prevention.

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Celostní medicí : informační server o zdraví z pohledu celostní, přírodní, alternativní medicíny

Informace o přírodních léčbách, prevenci, výživě, výživových doplňcích, bylinkách, nemocech, filosofii zdraví a dalším

Publisher: VIVANTIS


Internetové stránky pro laiky i lékaře. Poskytují informace o zdravotnických tématech.

Publisher: uLékař, s.r.o.

Webarchiv contains to 04/02/2020 409 TB data. The first website was harvested in 3. 9. 2001.

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