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Dear visitors, we welcome your recommendations of new websites for archiving. Nevertheless, we must include only websites that meet specific criteria. The document must meet at least one of the following conditions:

Primarily we are selecting materials that have a significant cultural and scientific value. What is more, they have been recognized as the original digital work that has never been available in printed version.

Preferred Web documents:

Online magazines, Monographs, Conference papers, Research reports, Academic papers, Governmental documents and Cultural or Scientific blogs

Web documents that will not be included into the specific collection:

Computer games (applications), online stores, corporate sites, offering catalogues, intranets, personal weblogs (without scientific and cultural values), portals that collects content from other sources, Radio and Television Broadcasting, etc. (Never less, these resources can be archive as a part of the nationwide collection)

We reserve the right to reject your suggested website. Wait for our respond, we´ll inform you. If you are using a Creative Commons license, you will receive only an informative report that will notify you about the result of our evaluation.