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The thematic collection gathers all available websites (about 85 000 urls) on the sweb domain, which ends its operation on 30.11. 2022. The sweb service was an important representative of domestic free web hosting providers. Sweb has been in operation since at least the year 2000, when the first archived version was captured. The collection presents an important picture of the early Czech internet. In 2009 (not confirmed) there were made changes in subdomains - the addresses sweb.cz/USER were deactivate and were replaced by the variant USER.sweb.cz. This collection contains only URLs available in October 2022, although sites with the old address structure can also be found in the archive.

List of URLs in CSV

Fotografie Aleš Uhlíř

al.uhlir.sweb.cz [current]

Fraktály a chaos

chaos.fraktaly.sweb.cz [current]


jaweta.sweb.cz [current]

http://machac.vita.sweb.cz [current]

http://hcplzen-statistiky.sweb.cz [current]

http://tabortrest1.sweb.cz [current]

http://slovanic.sweb.cz [current]

http://sdh-modlesovice.sweb.cz [current]

http://septima.b.sweb.cz [current]

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